Presentation Skills Training for Oil and Gas Professionals

Presenting persuasively is an essential leadership skill for Oil and Gas Professionals.

As we fight for more limited financial resources in today’s low oil price environment, those who take the initiative to possess this skill will now, more than ever before, be positioned not just to survive, but to thrive. Communication skills are consistently rated by employers as being equally, or even more important than technical skills.

We can help:

  • Exploration teams wanting to present their leads and prospects competitively, to ensure that they receive their share of the exploration budget, and make an effective case for investment in technical studies.
  • Those working on Development projects, who need to gain support internally & from venture partners for evaluation or design studies
  • Engineers who want to ensure that their business cases for optimisations and essential design components receive funding.
  • Managers communicating the location of “red-lines” and what is expected where HSE or legal compliance is an issue.
  • Supply chain personnel who need to make compelling arguments for change when change is hard.
  • Petrotechnical IT management needing to present the business case for change projects when the company has a low appetite for investment and risk.
  • Independent Consultants and Management Consultants who need to present regularly to build visibility and credibility as a core part of their role

Bullfrey Limited can help you get through.  Presenting doesn’t have to be intimidating, or something you try to avoid. You owe it to yourself, and your organization, to develop this skill so that you can present your ideas clearly, purposefully, engagingly, and confidently. Our Oil and Gas Presentation Skills courses are taught by people who have worked in and know the oil industry thoroughly, and understand the audience you work with.


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