Two Day Effective Presentation Skills


This course will transform you into a confident presenter.  The structure will build the motivation to learn and the belief to succeed in overcoming personal barriers to acquiring this important skill. You will not only acquire the skills and knowledge to create, prepare, and deliver effective presentations, but crucially also have the opportunity to practice those skills in a safe space with carefully delivered expert feedback.

Following attendance, you will be well prepared to present, speak up in meetings, and share your knowledge/understanding/perspective with your colleagues, clients and prospects.

Duration and Training Method

A 2 day classroom course.  This course emphasises the practical application of techniques in a participative framework along with the delivery of theory.

You will be requested to deliver a number of short presentations during the course.  These will be filmed to enable you to see yourself from an audience perspective.  Individual feedback and coaching will be delivered for each participant.

You will learn how to develop a clear purpose for your communication, prepare the content and structure of your presentations, and techniques for effective delivery.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn to:

  1. Understand their aims (e.g. inform, persuade) and how best to achieve those through the medium of presentation
  2. How to prepare content for presentation
  3. How to prepare themselves
  4. The basics of delivery
  5. Overcome fears / reluctance

Who Should Attend?

This course will cover the basic principles of successful presentations.  All feedback and some content is tailored to the experience level of the individual participant, ensuring fit of the course to suit the needs of the individual:

Candidates who are reluctant to take up opportunities to present or speak up in meetings.

Candidates who are confident but would benefit from better understanding of the techniques for effective preparation and delivery.

Prerequisites and Linking Courses

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Linking courses: Intermediate Presentation Skills, Advanced Presentation Skills, Presenting for Sales, Pitching, Software Demonstration Skills, and Delivering Inspiring Speeches.

Course Content

  1. Building the motivation to learn and the belief to succeed
  2. How great public speakers are made and not born
  3. Understanding what to present and when
  4. How to prepare content for presentation
  5. How to prepare yourself
  6. Presentation Delivery

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