Nervous about public speaking?

“Great Speakers Are Made, Not Born”

If you get nervous, or even scared at the thought of speaking in public then you’re in good company.  Fear of public speaking is consistently reported as being greater than the fear of death for most people.  That’s a powerful emotion indeed. 

You might be surprised however to discover that many people you admire as speakers are often still a bit nervous when they talk in front of an audience.  There are reports of famous stage actors who are physically sick before they go on stage because of their fears.  The difference between them and everyone else?  They ignore the fear and go ahead and just do it.  The thought of the event is far worse than the reality once you’re standing there and in the flow of a speech.

What is it that you’re scared of exactly? Knowing the answer to this will help you to overcome it.  The fear is likely to have it’s origins in:

  1. Being worried about what people will think
  2. Being thought of as an imposter
  3. Thoughts that the audience will be hostile
  4. Feeling like you might look stupid
  5. Past failures at presenting
  6. Lack of confidence in your abilities
  7. Fear of the unknown – this isn’t something you do often (or at all)

When you address an audience, you’re called upon to communicate in a very different mode to everyday conversation.  Instead of one-to-one interaction, it’s now one-to-many.  Instead of receiving verbal feedback, you have to judge body language.  Instead of speaking off the top of your head and being easily forgiven for rambling, you’re expected to be prepared and coherent.

Ultimately, it all distils to this: you will have had a lot of practice in your life so far conversing with people, and little to none communicating in presentation mode.  Is it any wonder that you’re nervous of standing up in front of a room full of people to have a go at something you don’t have the experience in doing? We learn by making mistakes, and it’s pretty rough if you have to do that in front of an audience.

There is a solution, and it doesn’t involve hypnotherapy, alcohol, or walking on coals. It’s this: find a group of people who have the same challenge and a desire to overcome it.  Find a place to practice and make mistakes where no-one is judging you. Finally, find someone who knows what they are doing to teach, guide, and coach you.   With teaching and practice you’ll find that speaking in public can begin to feel as natural and normal as a conversation with a colleague.  Don’t be held back any longer, take action to accelerate your career, gain recognition, and increase your value.  Take control, call us today to arrange a course.

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