About Bullfrey Limited

I believe that great presenters are made, not born.  Everyone has something to say, our mission is to develop you as a speaker so that your message can be clearly heard.

We take a “no-bull” approach (hence the name, Bullfrey).  We focus not on superficial elements of speaking, but on developing the core confidence needed to relate naturally to and influence your audience when speaking in public. We nurture your individual style so that the end result is still you, but amplified and more effective.

For the beginner, we offer very careful feedback, to nurture and develop your confidence and ability in a safe space.

For the experienced speaker, we offer tailored feedback and coaching.  We’ll help you to build on what you’re already doing well, and concentrate on the aspects of your delivery that require improvement.

Whatever your needs, get in touch so that we can develop together the right programme for you or your team.

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